"I walked into Susan Finch's class with the with a New York accent that rivaled The Jersey Shore kids. I walked out with the tools and knowledge that gave me the versatility to play any character from anywhere. I am forever in her debt. I don't think Carlisle Cullen with a thick New York accent would've worked. :)"

Peter Facinelli, Actor "star of "Twilight" and "Nurse Jackie" 

"Working with Susan is a fantastic experience. I was somewhat self-conscious about my Mexican accent, and with her coaching, I am able to communicate clearly and more importantly, confidently and with ease on my design presentations."

Fernanda Franco, Senior Designer/Fortune 500 Financial Company

"As a Vice President at one of the world's finicial firms, my work demands I communicate effectively and clearly in a quick paced environment.  Susan's teaching has given me the confidence and skill set to speak with professionalism and grammatically correct consistently. I highly recommend Susan's teaching to anyone in any field, including acting, finance and marketing!"

Susan Donlon, VP/J.P. Morgan Chase

"Susan's teaching technique is individualized to each student.  She is a speech surgeon who fixes the root of the problem.  I have tried other private speech classes but none of these compare to Susan's method."

Laksana Pat, Import Specialist/Fashion Industry

"I had the pleasure of working with Susan through my two years of conservatory training and I’d be hard-pressed to name a better teacher, let alone speech teacher. She is one of those rare teachers who can pinpoint exactly where you’re going wrong and what you need to do to fix it, who will offer you the care and support you need to get there, but who will also keep pushing you until you’re there. She won’t lob softballs and tell you you’re doing great if you aren’t, but she will keep encouraging you to move in the right direction. Praise from her may be hard-earned, but it is definitely well-deserved when won. Having graduated eighteen months ago, I’m happy to be able to call Susan not just an old teacher of mine, but also a friend. An anecdote: I was shooting a Toyota commercial over the summer, and it was all done on green-screen with a teleprompter feeding me pages and pages of text. And not simple text: long descriptions of VVT-i technology, double-fluidic wipers with mist control, and seatbelt pre-tensioners and force-limiters. It was all a big mouthful, but I got through it all thanks to the speech and tongue exercises that I learned in Susan’s class (and practice almost every day.) But the lip and tongue endurance and muscularity needed to get through all the text must have been too much for one of the other actors because the next day the producers fired him and brought me back in to finish his job. Thanks to Susan, I was able to come in and save the day! (and make another $2100.)"

Adam Bradley, Actor

"Susan Finch is a gifted teacher. As an elementary school principal, Susan  successfully prepared me for both formal and informal presentations to audiences ranging from 20 to 500 people. Through our sessions I have developed such a strong awareness of my communication style that I am confident to get my message across in any environment. Susan also worked with my teachers to insure that they can effectively engage students in their classroom and eloquently express themselves in parent meetings."

Patricia, Elementary School Principal